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Jack Lang

Entrepreneur in Residence, Postgraduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship Advisory Board Member

Jack Lang is a serial entrepreneur and business angel, and Co-Founder of Artimi, which is making the next generation of ultra wide band wireless chips. Interested in "computer science and how the brain works", his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Sciences at Cambridge led to a Computer Science diploma and a spell as Demonstrator in the Computer Laboratory.

He left the University to found (with Professor Shon FfowcsWilliams) the consulting company Topexpress, one of whose projects was designing some of the software for the BBC Microcomputer. "To get a promotion in those days, you had to wait for people to die. Making money was not the initial motivation, it was solving problems, and industry had better toys to play with. A gang of us used to meet in the tea room at the Computer Lab, and when we left the Lab we continued to meet in the pub or at dinners." Jack was Founder of Netchannel, which was acquired in 1998 by NTL, where he became Chief Technologist. Before that he founded Electronic Share Information, acquired by E*Trade in 1995.

Jack Lang is Director of Studies in Management at Emmanuel College. He is author of The High Tech Entrepreneurs Handbook, and teaches and examines courses in business studies, entrepreneurship and e-commerce for the University of Cambridge Computer Science Laboratory. He is Entrepreneur in Residence at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning and a ByFellow at Emmanuel College. A keen baker and a passionate cook, he was one of the founders of Midsummer House restaurant in Cambridge. "I learnt most about setting up companies when I was Technical Director of Footlights: it was all about tight budgets, deadlines and people."

Jack Lang is also Co-Founder and Chair of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, an ultra-low cost computer designed to help teach kids programming.

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Jack Lang

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