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Event Beyond Profit presents: Think Tank 2014/2015
Date Nov 10, 17:00-18:30
Location St John's College, Boys Smith Room, Fisher Building, Cambridge
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About the event

Beyond Profit announces new series of Think Tank Stream to help the young and aspiring entrepreneurs to set up social business and make a difference in the society. Our theme for this term is 'Social Enterprise in Cambridge'. This series is specifically designed to inspire Cambridge students to think about innovative and sustainable solution in creating social impact, and encourage young social entrepreneurs by providing guidance and support in setting-up a social enterprise. The programme will be conducted in three sessions (on consecutive Monday evenings from 5-6:30pm, on Week 3-5, at St John's College) where the participants can meet and interact with experts from the field and discuss on various topics regarding the social enterprise in Cambridge and young social start ups in the local community. This is a certified programme and you will gain a certificate from us if you attend all three sessions. The Think Tank Series is FREE of cost.

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Our 3rd Think Tank session will adopt a hands-on approach to solving social issues around our lives. Here, you will be encouraged to reflect on your everyday life experience and think about how small innovations can help make the life of yourself and the people around you better. Working with like-minded peers in an efficient team, you can explore the different aspects of life and society that YOU can have an impact on.

Here are two different options for the evening:

Option 1: Pitching workshop - launch your own social enterprise

Can be anything that YOU are interested in or is bothered about, or ideas that you have already started working on. Here you can present your idea to a panel of judges who are experts in the field and get valuable feedback on your idea and business model. If you are interested, please sign-up here: , with your idea/topic and any team members that you want to bring. It's fine if you do not have a very mature idea at the moment, you can still sign-up in the sign-up form by specifying as an "early stage idea" and enter your topic of interest. Sign up »

Option 2: Mini-competition on solving real-life social issues in the local area

If you don't have a great idea or are not sure what area you want to go into yet, then this option will be a good practice for you on team-work and problem-solving. Here you can explore a local social issue with a group of like-minded peers. Below are areas that we will be covering, the specific topics and information will be given on the day:

  • Student life
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Health

The winning team of our mini-competition can get a 10 Amazon voucher per group member! Sign up »

NOTE: Spaces available are limited since the time schedule is fixed, so definitely sign-up if you'd like to get feedback on your ideas/business models!

Event CUTEC and Mathys & Squire presents: Intellectual Property and Startups: How to Target and Assess a Valuable Idea
Date Nov 13, 18:00-20:00
Location Cambridge Judge Business School, Trumpington St, Cambridge CB2 1AG
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About the event

This event will cover the basics of Intellectual Property (IP): patents, copyright, trademarks and design. Questions such as "What can I patent?" and "What is the process of patenting?" will be answered. There will be a strong focus on how startups should approach IP and what the importance of IP is for tech startups. The second half of the workshop will be interactive. The audience has to challenge the speakers with tech/startup ideas, who will give feedback on what is feasible, what to look out for, where bear traps might be, and so on. So, if you are working on an idea/startup, you are more than welcome to join to pitch your concept to our speakers. For those of you who are not at that stage yet, we will suggest some problems that could be solved by tech entrepreneurship. In small groups, you will have some time to come up with a solution, which you will pitch to our speakers within the framework of an informal competition, and feedback will be given. Expect a small price for the team with the most translational idea! This will be a great opportunity to get more knowledgeable about IP, get on-the-spot feedback on tech ideas, and maybe find a new idea to work on. Find out more »

Event Climate-KIC UK Accelerator Programme
Deadline Nov 16
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About the event

Do you have an idea for a brilliant climate-related break through, but are you not sure yet how to transform your passion into a commercially viable business? Climate-KIC UK is now calling for applications to their Climate-KIC Accelerator Programme. Up to 95k in funding available.

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We will help the most promising start-ups connect with the right experts. We help you formulate your business plan, develop your entrepreneurial skills and fund your business through the early stages. Climate-KIC can provide you with the tools, opportunities and network to transform your ideas into commercial success. We accelerate development to help create an investable business start-up, with products or services delivered to the first client in about 12-18 months. Find out more »

Event SVC2UK 2014: The World in 2034
Date Nov 19, 17:00-19:00
Location Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge CB3 9DA
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About the event

Silicon Valley comes to the UK (SVC2UK) and CUTEC co-host this "Thought Leadership" event. Join for an opportunity to hear from some experienced and inspiring entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley about their perspectives on how the world will be in 20 years from now. For those of you starting a new business and keen to understand if it is in a sector most likely to be affected by disruptive technologies in the years ahead should certainly attend!

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  • Margaret Gould-Stewart, Director of Product Design at Facebook
  • Jack Hidary, Entrepreneur and Google X Labs Advisory Board Member
  • Megan Smith, Vice President of Google X
  • Catherine Mohr, Director of Medical Research at Intuitive Surgical

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Event OneStart: Your chance to win £100k (€125k) to realise your biotech business idea
Application deadline Dec 1
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About the event

Do you have an idea to solve a critical problem healthcare? Or do you have the scientific or business know-how to help someone else develop their idea? The Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) and SR One, the venture capital arm of GlaxoSmithKline, have teamed up again for the OneStart competition - the largest biotech startup accelerator programme in the world - to offer young innovators from all disciplines the chance to win £100k (€125k) with free lab space near London and ongoing legal and business advice from our sponsors to transform their ideas into a successful business.

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Who should participate?

  • Science/medical students and researchers interested in spinning out their research or commercialising their ideas
  • Business students and young professionals keen to get involved in the biotech and healthcare industries
  • Software developers and engineers interested in contributing their technical skills to realising a product
  • Anyone interested in entrepreneurship

You do not need to have a team yet, or even have your own idea, as you can register now at our Co-founder Hub (and Discussion Forum) to find teammates to complement your strengths, show your interest to join other teams.

Ideas at all stages of development are welcome. All semi-finalists will be directly mentored by experienced industry professionals for at least six weeks, and invited to attend a biotech business bootcamp in London in February 2015 with workshops from our global partners, including SR One, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, Takeda Ventures, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, McKinsey, and others.

Event Shell Springboard Competition
Application deadline Dec 5, 17:00
About the event

Shell Springboard is now open for applications from the UK's most innovative low-carbon entrepreneurs. Shell is calling on SMEs with big ideas on reducing carbon emissions to enter Shell Springboard for the chance to win a no strings attached cash award.

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In 2015, the programme is celebrating 10 years of low-carbon innovation, and for the first time, the Shell Springboard national winner will receive a total award of £150,000 to scale up their business idea. Five further regional winners will each receive £40,000.

Businesses that make it through to the regional and national finals will also benefit from networking opportunities and feedback from an expert panel of judges.

Over the last decade, the programme has awarded approximately £3 million to 80 of the UK's most innovative low-carbon businesses, and another £350,000 is available in 2015.

We're proud of what our alumni have achieved to create both a lower carbon energy future and economic growth. London start-up bio-bean was recently awarded a further €500,000 of funding for its coffee-waste to biofuel conversion process, while Oxford University spin-out and transatlantic success story Cella Energy is continuing to attract investment and broker eye-catching partnerships with its hydrogen power technology. Find out more »

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Event CUE Business Creation Competition - 1500 words for £1K
Deadline Jan 19
About the event

Ever had an idea that you thought could turn into a cool business, but wondered how? Looking at other successful start-ups, have you ever wondered "How do they do it?" The fact is that most successful entrepreneurs have, at some point or other, had a helping hand. With CUE's annual Ideas Take Flight competition, we can help turn your idea into commercial reality. The competition is open to entrants in three areas: Science and Technology, Social Enterprise and Software (view full rules and conditions). Although each area is run in three phases, you can enter any one or more at any stage before the respective closing date.

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"Write a 1500 word executive summary to show your idea has wings"
Write a 1500 word executive summary of your idea for a chance to win one of ten 1k prizes before the final stage of the competition. At this stage the requirements are the same for all areas. If you do not win this or the previous phase, you still can enter the final phase of the competition. Find out more »

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