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ETECH Projects

ETECH Projects accelerates entrepreneurship and diffusion of innovations based on early stage and potentially disruptive technologies from the University of Cambridge. The projects are run within credit bearing courses offered at a number of University departments.

In the last six years, ETECH Projects has been delivered across Natural Sciences, Technology and Biological Sciences University departments to approximately 500 undergraduate and postgraduate students, working with 30+ inventors, and resulted in the evaluation of over 50 novel technologies through almost 100 projects. Building on this solid foundation, ETECH Projects aims to reach out to more departments within the University of Cambridge, helping to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation based on novel and potentially disruptive technologies.

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For further information please contact Gill Ellis, ETECH Programme Manager, on +44 (0) 1223 764118 or email etechprojects@jbs.cam.ac.uk.

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