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The following presentations by entrepreneurial thought leaders, senior business managers, leading scientists and innovators, as well as experienced experts are available to view online:


Recognising Opportunities (pdf, 4.01MB)
Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)

Bringing Mental Illness out of the Shadows (pdf, 2.20MB)
Professor Sabine Bahn

From the Lab to the Construction Site (pdf, 2.17MB)
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald

Some Emerging Areas for New Businesses (pdf, 820KB)
Jack Lang

Raspberry Pi: You May Already Be a Winner (pdf, 502KB)
Eben Upton

Is There a Right Place, Right Time? (pdf, 61KB)
Jamie Urquhart

Gandys: Orphans for Orphans (pdf, 2.59MB)
Rob Forkan

Growing Your Venture (pdf, 1MB)
John Snyder

Growing Your Venture (pdf, 1MB)
Joep van Beurden

CSR: An Example of How to Grow Your Venture (pdf, 2MB)
Glenn Collinson


Recognising Opportunities (pdf, 4.01MB)
Dr Shai Vyakarnam, Director of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (CfEL)

Mindsets and Motivations (pdf, 1.2MB)
Dr Darrin M. Disley, CEO, Horizon Discovery Ltd & Serial Entrepreneur

Spotting Market Needs (pdf, 2.73MB)
Dr Tony Raven, Shirley Jamieson and Dr Andrea Cantone, Cambridge Enterprise Limited

Serendipity or Hard Work (pdf, 845KB)
Dr Shamus Husheer, CEO, Cambridge Temperature Concepts

Growing your Venture (pdf, 1.59MB)
Lord Karan Bilimoria, Founder and Chairman, Cobra beer

Creating Star Teams (pdf, 2.35MB)
Chris Barnardo and Richard Blakesleyy, Co-Founders, The Wand Company

Vision Meets Reality (pdf, 729KB)
Rolf H. Günther, CEO, Bicycle Therapeutics


Recognising Opportunities (pdf, 38KB)
Dr Robert Brady, director of Brady PLC, Cambridge IP and Hycagen

Recognising Opportunities (pdf, 522KB)
Dr Shamus Husheer, CEO, Cambridge Temperature Concepts

Serendipity or Hard Work? (pdf, 568KB)
Dr David Brown FRSC, Managing Director of Alchemy Biomedical Consulting

Creating Star Teams (pdf, 628KB)
Alex van Someren, Amadeus & Angels Seed Fund and Dr Uday Phadke, Chief Executive of Cartezia

Visions, Plans and Making it Happen (pdf, 134KB)
Mitesh Soma, Founder of Chemist Direct

Growing Your Venture (pdf, 1.13MB)
David Gill, Managing Director of St John's Innovation Centre, and Robert Sansom, Angel Investor and Founder of Cambridge Angels

Leveraging the Value of Consulting (pdf, 1.92MB)
Gerald Avison, Chairman of TTP Group and Paul Seabright, Head of Consultancy Services at Cambridge Enterprise

Leveraging the Value of Consulting (pdf, 863KB)
Claire Ruskin, PA Consulting and Interim CEO of Cambridge Network


Increasing the odds (pdf, 1.16MB)
Mark Gerhard, Chief Executive, Jagex

Learning how to pitch your ideas (pdf, 4.70MB)
Warren Bennett, Co-Director and Founder, A Suit that Fits.com

Gathering resources (pdf, 898KB)
Dr Shaun Fitzgerald, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Breathing Buildings
Dr Will West, Chief Executive, CellCentric

Capturing value (pdf, 450KB)
Teri Willey, Chief Executive, Cambridge Enterprise
Dr Bill Janeway, Managing Director and Senior Advisor for Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Warburg Pincus

Recognising opportunities (pdf, 2.34MB)
Lord Karan Bilimoria, CBE DL, Founder of Cobra Beer

Which customer and why does it matter? (pdf, 800KB)
Professor Howard Chase, Head of the School of Technology, University of Cambridge

Why do it at all? The choice for entrepreneurship (pdf, 2.42MB)
Steve Temple, Founder, Templetech
Alan Richardson, Deputy CEO, Cambridge Consultants
Phil O'Donovan, Chairman, Twelve Winds


Big visions (pdf, 2.39MB)
Warren East, CEO of ARM, one of the most iconic companies in the Cambridge cluster, talks about 'Big Visions' - the vision as it was shaped in the early days of ARM, from a collection of a dozen engineers who had to survive the demise of Acorn Computers, through to the shaping of an ambition by an emergent team led by Robin Saxby to now.

Why entrepreneurship is a real option (pdf, 5MB)
Professor Henning Sirringhaus, Hitachi Professor of Electron Device Physics, University of Cambridge; Martin Jackson, VP of Technology at Plastic Logic; and Bill Earner, Investment Manager at Amadeus Capital Partners

Rapid growth business: the importance of understanding your customers' needs in order to achieve and maintain business success (pdf, 4.5MB)
Sanjeev Bikhchandani, Co-Founder of InfoEdge and Naukri.com

Learn how to pitch your ideas: our experiences of starting businesses (pdf, 2.5MB)
Shamus Husheer, Co-Founder of Cambridge Temperature Concepts; Emmanuel Carraud, Co-Founder of MagicSolver.com; and Dave Lloyd, Co-Founder of Moviestorm

A real opportunity to business: the conversion of ideas into science and thence into business opportunities (pdf, 216KB)
Dr Kevin Johnson, CEO of PanGenetics BV, former Cambridge Antibody Technology executive, and General Partner at Ash Biotech Consul

Building a dream engineering team: recruiting, developing and retaining a great team (pdf, 95KB)
Steve Barlow, Co-Founder of Alphamosaic and Argon Design


Motivation: why enterprise and entrepreneurship are important and understanding the key behaviours of successful entrepreneurs (pdf, 3.67MB)
Paul Webster, Founder and Director of Ubisense; Richard Green, CEO of Ubisense; Andy Hopper FRS, Professor of Computer Technology, University of Cambridge

Understanding your customers' needs: to have a successful business, you really have to understand your customers' needs (pdf, 61KB)
Eric Baker, Founder and CEO of Viagogo

Lifestyle or global business: your personal goals need to match your business goals in order for your idea to take off (pdf, 3.4MB)
Lord Karan Bilimoria CBE DL, Founder of Cobra Beer

Recognising opportunities: when is an idea a business opportunity? (pdf, 786KB)
Visiting Entrepreneur Dr Hermann Hauser CBE, Co-Founder of Amadeus Capital Partners

Gathering resources: how to gather the resources to make your ideas happen (pdf, 2.28MB)
Reshma Sohoni, CEO of SeedCamp; Laurence Garrett, Founding Partner at Ethean Capital; Walter Herriot OBE, Managing Director of St John's Innovation Centre; Teri Willey, Chief Executive of Cambridge Enterprise

Learn how to pitch your ideas: selling your idea and persuading people that you are the most capable person to lead and generate interest from investors, and customers, is one of the keys to success (pdf, 809KB)
Alex van Someren, Co-Founder of nCipher; Adrian Critchlow, Co-Founder and Director of AlertMe

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