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Reports & Case Studies

The following resources and reports are available to download:

Venture Capital Fund Performance and the IPO Market (pdf, 192KB)
by Michael D. McKenzie and William H. Janeway, 2008; published in Accounting & Finance, 2010

East of England Regional Technopole Report (pdf, 1MB)
An overview of the UK's leading high-technology region

World Economic Forum Report: Educating the Next Wave of Entrepreneurs (pdf, KB)
Unlocking entrepreneurial capabilities to meet the global challenges of the 21st Century, April 2009; visit the WEF website for further information on the WEF global education initiative

Path-Dependency Analysis on New Emerging Technology: Ubisense (pdf, 371KB)
by Yin Mon (Yupar) Myint and Shailendra Vyakarnam, 2008

The Cambridge Technopole Report 2008 (pdf, 356KB)
Report on key organisations within the Technopole; visit the Institute for Manufacturing website for further information, reports and policy documents on the Cambridge Technopole

Innovative Entrepreneurship in the UK (pdf, 114KB)
A 2007 report from NESTA

Entrepreneurship Education in Europe: Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindsets through Education and Learning (pdf, 27KB)
Summary of a European Commission Conference workshop on higher education, Oslo, Norway, 2006

The Cambridge Advantage (pdf, 358KB)
Report produced by CfEL in 2006

Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2006 (pdf, 674KB)
Cross-national assessment of entrepreneurial activity

The Impact of the University of Cambridge on the UK Economy and Society (pdf, 3.9MB)
Report based on new research into the economic and social impact of Cambridge University

The Lambert Review (pdf, 417KB)
A report commissioned by HM Treasury, the Department for Education and Skills and the Department for Trade and Industry in December 2003 to look at the interactions between Britain's strong science base and the business community; visit the Lambert Review webpages for more information

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